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Our organic compost is an excellent soil amendment designed for use in various landscaping and edible garden applications.  It is rich in organic matter to improve soil structure and water holding capacity.


Breaks up compacted soil for healthy plant root growth

Holds up to 3x its weight in water, preventing drought in sandy soils

Increases organic matter in soil, important for healthy soil ecology and plant health


Incorporate up to 1 inch of compost into the top 6 to 12 inches of soil before planting new lawns.

Top dress with 1/4 inch per year to maintain a healthy lawn. Core aerate first, if possible.


Incorporate up to 3 inches into soil for new gardens or to rejuvenate old flower and edible gardens.

Top dress with 1 inch per year to maintain a healthy and productive garden.

Trees & Shrubs

Dig hole twice as wide as root ball, plant, and refill with equal parts soil and compost.

Top dress area under tree with 1 inch per year to maintain health.

Typical Analysis

Moisture Content: 32% to 42%

pH - 7.5 to 8.5 . | C:N - 10 to12

Screen Size: 3/8" minus

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